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PATM Standard Videos Non-HD videos. Arranged by actress/model.

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Old 4th November 2010, 03:28
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Exclamation PATM Standard Videos Section Rules!!

Pornstar/Adult and Teen Models (PATM)
Standard Videos Rules

01. Forum-Wide Rules - Review and obey the Forum-Wide Posting Guidelines. These PATM Standard Videos Rules govern to the extent they differ from the Forum-Wide Posting Guidelines. Allowed file hosts, banned and preferred image hosts are listed in Allowed and Banned Hosts.

02. Prohibited Stuff
  • DO NOT post links to websites, blogs, gallery pages, streaming video or other forums
  • DO NOT include pay-site names in thread titles, post titles or text of posts
  • DO NOT include images hot-linked directly from pay-sites
  • DO NOT include hot-linked images / gifs larger than 250kb
  • DO NOT post more than a total of fifteen (15) times in all PATM sections combined, within a twenty-four (24) hour period
  • DO NOT post random comments in pornstar threads (see #10)
  • DO NOT post requests in pornstar threads (see #11)
  • DO NOT post any video initially released within the past 12 months unless the resolution height is at least 360 pixels.
03. PATM Standard Videos Required Host Rule
  1. Videos must be hosted by at least one (1) of the following "Required File Hosts":
    • DepositFiles
    • Fileboom
    • FileJoker
    • Zippyshare
  2. Do not post a video using more than two (2) Required File Host.
  3. Posts may include links from other Allowed File Hosts as long as the post also includes links for the entire video from a Required File Host.
  4. Do not post links requiring a premium account for download, whether or not such links are posted with non-premium mirrors.
04. Duplicates / Edits / 48-Hour Waiting Period - Do not post the same video scene (in any video resolution) with a link from the same file host as has already been posted. Do not edit posts before forty-eight (48) hours; thereafter, posts may be edited only for the purpose of replacing dead screen captures or replacing dead links with live links from the same file host. Members must obtain permission from a moderator before editing posts for any other purpose. Do not post the same video scene within forty-eight (48) hours from the last time it was posted, regardless of file host.

05. Cross Posting - Do not post the same video in more than one thread in this section. If a video features two (2) or more female performers, pick one (1) and only post in that thread.

06. Video Posts - Do not include more than one (1) video in a post.
Do not post full movies / full DVD rips or videos longer than seventy-five (75) minutes.
Video posts must include accurate video screen captures (at least four (4) images), and typed into the post, (descriptions in screen captures alone are not sufficient):
  • accurate and search-able video title
    (if not known, include movie name and scene number;
    if the only verbal title is a paysite name, and there is no other title, then also include an identifying file number from that site, or official release date in this format (mm/dd/yy). Paysite names must still be disguised.)
  • accurate file size, playing time, video resolution, file type
    ex. (85 MB / 4:37 / 640x480 / AVI)
07. File Splitting

Files 0001mb - 0399mb must not be posted with more than 1 download link.
Files 0400mb - 0799mb must not be posted with more than 2 download links.
Files 0800mb - 1199mb must not be posted with more than 3 download links.
Files 1200mb - 1599mb must not be posted with more than 4 download links.
Files 1600mb - 1999mb must not be posted with more than 5 download links.
Files 2000mb - 2399mb must not be posted with more than 6 download links.
Files 2400mb - 2799mb must not be posted with more than 7 download links.
Files 2800mb - 3199mb must not be posted with more than 8 download links; etc.

File sizes allowed for Zippyshare is one half the size of other file hosts.

08. Existing Threads / Search - Post in existing threads whenever possible.
Use the search function to locate an existing pornstar's thread and post in that thread as a reply.
- Post picture collections only in PATM Pictures.
- Post high definition videos (minimum 720p height, ex. 1280x720) only in PATM High Definition Videos.
- Post male gay and male bi-sexual content only in Gay/Bi/Shemale/Ladyboy.
- Post content featuring unidentified pornstars or models in General Porn.
09. New Threads - New threads will not appear in this section until after moderator approval. New threads must contain at least one video. New thread names must only include the pornstar's/model's full name; do not include video descriptions in thread titles. The format of thread titles should be as follows:10. Thanking Posts - Informative comments are o.k., but we discourage replies such as: "Thanks," "Great rack," "I would do her," etc. Please express gratitude for posts by clicking one or both of the following icons: conveys ten reputation points and registers as thanks given; or conveys reputation points (positive or negative), allows for a private comment, but does not register as thanks given or received.

11. Requests - Request model identifications here. Request particular pornstar/model content here (contributors only). Do not post requests for passwords or re-uploads in the pornstar/model threads; instead send one (1) Private Message (PM) to the original poster. Report dead links here.

12. The Rule That Rules All Rules - Threads and posts may be edited, moved, merged or removed at the sole discretion of staff and without notice (including posts with poor quality/custom versions) . Contact a Moderator or Super Moderator if you have any questions.

13. Rule Updates - Check this thread periodically for updates. You can subscribe to this thread to ensure you see updates automatically in your User CP.

Thank you for contributing.
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about "Required File Hosts"

1. Are the Required File Hosts the only hosts allowed in PATM?
No. As long as every post has links to at least one of the Required File Hosts, you can also include links to one of the remaining Allowed File Hosts assuming a link for that Allowed File Host has not already been posted.
2. Can I just quote a post that has one of the Required File Hosts and then add Allowed File Host links?
No. Each post must have its own Required File Host links.
3. What happens if the content I want to post has already been posted with Required File Host links I want to use?
Then you may not post with the already used Required File Host.
4. What happens if the content I want to post has already been posted using all Required File Hosts, but it has not been posted with the Allowed File Host I wish to use?
Then you may not post the content. The purpose of the Required File Hosts Rule is to reduce the number of mirrors and encourage members to post more original content.
5. Can I use all Required File Hosts to prevent members from mirroring my post?
You may not use more than two (2) Required File Hosts in each PATM post.
6. May I edit posts to add links or replace dead links?
You only are permitted to edit posts for the purpose of replacing a dead screen capture or replacing a dead link with a live link from the same file host, but only if the replaced link is one of the Allowed File Hosts.
7. Can I make a placeholder posts?
8. Can I post with one Required File Host and then add more links for another Required File Host and Allowed File Host later when they are finished uploading?
9. What happens if my Required File Host link dies and I don't replace it?
Your post no longer meets the Required File Hosts Rule. You will not receive an infraction but your post might be removed.
Updated 3rd October 2012
Last edited by LarryO; 17th February 2012 at 06:09. Reason: updated
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Video title, screen capture and file information must be accurate or post will be removed and penalty assessed. Providing screen captures for a video trailer only is acceptable if the posted file is the video trailer.
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Old 5th April 2016, 23:40
To Protect and Serve

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Join Date: Sep 2007
Location: USA
Posts: 21,444
Thanks: 188,828
Thanked 221,877 Times in 16,897 Posts
LarryO Is a GodLarryO Is a GodLarryO Is a GodLarryO Is a GodLarryO Is a GodLarryO Is a GodLarryO Is a GodLarryO Is a GodLarryO Is a GodLarryO Is a GodLarryO Is a God

Starting Thursday, 7th April 2016 at 12:01 GMT, Filejoker.net replaces Bigfile.to as a PATM Required File Host in all Pornstars/Adult and Teen Models sections.
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